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Jio rockers offer you different language movies. The website provides the facility of watching dubbed movies also. But if I say with utmost honesty, using jio can land you in legal trouble. It is, in fact, a big crime to pirate the movies and distributes them illegally. Governments of many countries have banned this practice and have implemented strict laws to prevent piracy. In India too, the sale and distribution of pirated content is a punishable offense. To watch this type of content there are many sites that support pirated content.

The growing use of jio rockers has led to a revenue loss for very big producers and directors. They have also impacted the ticket sales, and thus, theatre owners have also been against them. In the pandemic, almost all the big movies were released on jio rockers. If you visit their page now, you will find the movie ‘Vakil Saab’ on the top. It has recently released. This can clarify how updated the site keeps.

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But in the pandemic year 2020, the demand for movies in India has increased exponentially. People had very limited means to go to the cinema and watch a movie. So, while they sat in their home, people watched movies on jio rockers.

Despite the repeated complaints by directors, producers, and others, these sites escape legal scrutiny because they quickly shift their domain name. This way, nobody is able to trace them as the old website goes out of use.

jio offers movie quality between 360P to 720P. This site came into existence in 2017, but since then, it has changed a lot of domain names, and tills now eluded the legal proceedings. The controversy grew really large when S. S. Rajamouli-directed Bahubali 2.0 was leaked on this portal.

What makes people go to this site, again and again, is the fact that the user interface is really simple. There is an option of ‘Download’ that is available to the users of jio It is a blessing in disguise.  There is a sort option too, where you can arrange the movies in any order you like. There are movies from the years as old as 2000 on the site. So, they have maintained an archive also.

Some Recent leaks by jio are:

  • Telugu: Vakil Saab, Yuvarathnaa, Double Sketch, Akshardham, Sulthan etc.
  • Tamil: Karnan, YaaradaAvan, Anbirkiniyal etc.
  • Hindi:Laxmii, Ginny weds Sunny, KhaaliPeeli, Bahut Hua Sammaan etc.
  • English: Tenet, Secret Society of Secondborn royal girls, The Devil all the time, the secrets we keep, etc.
  • Malayalam: SooraraiPottru, Gotham, MohabathinKunjabdulla etc.
  • Kannada: OnduShikariye Kathe, Mane Number 13, Bheemasena Nalamaharaja etc.

The working jiorockers sites are:

No.Working Jiorockers WebsitesStatus

What About the Safety of Your PC/ Mobile?

To be honest, this type of website that uses torrents may cause harmful for your PC or mobile. The torrents come along with a lot of viruses, and it may be problematic for your device. Sometimes the virus may even slip away from very high-end antivirus software. The ads that keep running on the site may contain the virus. Once you accidentally click on the running ads, you may be taken to some website that facilitates the spread of the virus. There may also be some pop-ups that may contain malicious links. 

Once the virus spreads, it proves to be fatal for your system. Sometimes, all the data is lost or worse; it is available with the hackers. Hackers may use this data to blackmail the users, or sometimes the data may end up in any porn site. 

Due to this, there is a strict anti-piracy law in our country. Even though, jiorockers has managed to survive this.

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Categories on the jiorockers:

  • jio rockers Tamil movies
  • jio rockers Telugu movies
  • Telugu Dubbed movies
  • Malayalam Movies Download
  • Kannada Movies Download
  • Hindi Movies Download
  • English Movies Download
  • Bigg Boss Telugu

How to Watch a Movie on

Despite the risk, if you wish to watch a movie on the website, I think this is the right article for you. Internet Service Providers, or as they are commonly called, ISPs, also block certain sites in their country to prevent the misuse of the internet. High traffic on these sites affects the bandwidth also.

  • Using VPN: In a simple language, it establishes a private network connection when you are using a public network. They help you hide your online identity. It makes it difficult for the trackers to know who you are and from where are you accessing the information on the internet. So, you can try using VPN. Some browsers like Opera come with a pre-installed VPN enabler. 
  • Use DNS server: It translates the name of the website or domain to an IP address. This helps the browser to load the information on the page. This works even when your ISP has blocked the website. DNS servers make it possible for humans to work without remembering the complex IP addresses of the systems. This is one of the most excellent methods to make use of jiorockers.
  • Using some specific browsers: Some browsers allow you to watch a movie without a problem. Some of them are Tor browser, Opera Browser. You can use them.

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You can also watch download the movies from this site by clicking on the movie you like and pressing the “DOWNLOAD” button. It is quite easy.


You can also watch some TV programs like Bigg Boss (Telugu) on jio rockers. It is quite simple to use, actually. 

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