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100% Working ExtraTorrents Proxy List Sites For 2021[Proxies To Unblock Extratorrents]

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If you love movies, series, and your money, you will find that the world is a cruel place. Many OTT platforms tempt you with trailers. You most likely wish there was a way to consume that media for free. 

The pioneer website, that started the trend of making stuff available for free, was extratorrent. It was the answer to our entertainment needs and very quickly became a household name. 

What is Extratorrent?

If you are a movie buff, you already know all about ExtraTorrents Proxy sites. But for those of you who don’t Extratorrent was a host site that allowed you to download movies, books, series, etc for free. Because of copyright issues, it faced a lot of ire, and finally, it was shut-down. Torrent fans weren’t happy and decided to try to make the owners revive the site. Unblock Extratorrents was a demand that these people made, it had a lot of steam and support. But the owners did not listen and sadly did not revive the site. This site was launched in 2006 and taken down in 2017. During its eleven-year run, it inspired dozens of copycat websites. After they took down Extratorrents these new websites bridged the gap. But the true fans of torrent were still not happy, they wanted a way to access that original database. Over the years, a lot of these fans found success and formed proxy sites. 

What is an ExtraTorrents Proxy site?

Think of websites as bridges that allow you to get to the data storeroom. They took down the original website but, they left the storeroom intact; you just had no way of getting to it. The fans were not happy, and unblock torrents almost became a movement. But no use. Torrent never came back.

As time passed, new websites started to pop up that were just like extratorrents, and accessed the database of the original site. These proxy sites are the new bridges. So technically, these can’t be banned or taken down by the government, at least not in most countries. Don’t get me wrong! Torrent downloads can still be considered illegal and in a lot of countries, they are. You’re allowed to take the road to the storeroom does not mean you’re allowed to take things from it. So do use a VPN depending on where you stay!

Another thing to note is that even though the bridge can’t be locked the storeroom can. Even though the government cannot ban the extratorrents proxy sites, it can block the server, so if you live in a country where the server is blocked, no matter which proxy site you use, you will not be able to access the torrents. In this case, try using extratorrent mirror sites.

Where proxy means substitute, mirror means copy; the mirror sites are copies of the original complete with their server. In other words, you can still find something that is the same as an extratorrents download, even in countries where extratorrent is not accessible.

Working Proxies to Unblock Extratorrents:

Here is a list of proxy sites that you can use to access the extratorrent database, and for intents and purposes, unblock extratorrent. With these sites, you should be able to access anything stored in the torrent database.

S.NProxy WebsitesSpeedStatus
1Extratorrents.itVery FastOnline
2Extratorrents.chVery FastOnline
4Extratorrents.unblockall.orgVery FastOnline
6Extratorrent.123unblock.bestVery FastOnline

There are, of course, a lot more proxies out there, but these are the safest ones.

List of Extratorrent Mirror Sites 2021 [100% Working]

If you live in a country where torrent is blocked, here is a list of sites that you may still be able to use. These are mirror sites, in other words, copy cats, so they work pretty much the same way torrent used to work. Proxy sites are just as safe as the original torrent site was and just as safe as the torrent proxies mentioned above. Besides, between these eleven ExraTorrents Proxy Sites, you should be able to find pretty much anything you want to download, including even the latest movies.

S.N.Proxy or Mirror SitesSpeedStatus
1Sitenable.infoVery FastOnline
2Freeanimesonline.comVery FastOnline
3Siteget.netVery FastOnline

How Does an Extratorrent Proxy Work? 

An extratorrent proxy works like the original site used to. It creates a network over which files can be shared. When a user begins to download a file using extratorrent he connects to the network and becomes both a receiver and a giver. If you look at your torrent downloader you will see your download speed but also your upload speed. Upload speed represents data being sent. When you start to take a movie you also start to send one. In other words, one of the movies in your collection gets sent in parts to someone else on the network. This allows torrent to keep its stores updated, but don’t worry your personal data is not touched, only the things that the application recognizes as queried movies will be.

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Even if the original torrent website is gone, several others provide the same service. It is, therefore, possible to find free entertainment with ease. Downloading torrents seems a little contentious given that a lot of countries outlaw these practices, but as long as one uses a VPN their safety will be ensured.

 Because of the nature of these sites, they are being taken down. This is a problem because it means that a list like ours will only be good, for some amount of time, and only in some places. You can try the links above, and as of right now, at least some will work. In the future, though, you may have to veer from this list. The only thing to worry about when you do is the safety and legitimacy of the sites themselves.

Although torrent proxy and mirror sites a dime a dozen, they are not all safe. If and when you veer from our list, remember to do some background research first. Look at the comments and maybe check with your friends or on places like Reddit and other social media apps.