Top 8 Search Engine Sites for Torrenting in 2021

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Disclaimer: All the information available in this blog is for the sole purpose of educating our audience about the various free torrent search engine sites that are available on the internet. There is no denying the fact that these sites are illegal and we advise you to steer clear of such websites if you do not want to end up in legal trouble. 

The concept of torrenting has been around for quite a while now. Tons of different torrent sites are available on the internet that can be accessed to search for torrent sites. But torrenting wasn’t as popular as it should’ve been up until late when the world saw the FBI arrest the developers of KAT (Kickass Torrents).

In the midst of all this, users saw that there were plenty of sites on the internet that labeled themselves as search engine sites for torrents. In layman’s terms, it is a category of sites that do not host any files but instead offer a way for the users to find the torrents that they are looking for on other torrent sites. 

Join the club if you are looking for such sites as today’s blog will focus on some of the best utorrent search engine sites for movie torrents and other torrent files that can be accessed for free. 

Let us get started.

Top Free Torrent Search Engines (Working in 2021) 

1. SolidTorrents

As we begin our journey to find websites that act as torrent search engines, here comes the SolidTorrent. The Numero Uno on our list is a pretty new addition to the world of the internet. The website has a cleaner interface than most in the game and it is a DHT search engine, to begin with. 

To add to this, it also offers an experimental dark theme to the users. If we look at the current stats, this amazing torrent search engine has indexed more than 23 million torrents along with various categories in 2021. Some of the categories are also mentioned on the top. 

The best part about this is that users get the option of creating an account here to bookmark their favorite torrents, with the option of submitting torrents of your own as well. The advanced torrent search options are available here such as the dual search feature where you can search for two different queries at the same time with the use of a pipe “|” icon. 

2. AIO Search

If looks meant everything in today’s world, this site would have ruled the internet. The most visually impressive BitTorrent search engine on our list. The website offers a wide range of options so users can find the torrent that they are looking for with relative ease. 

Coming to the search part, users get the option to choose the torrent downloader sites manually where they can search for the torrent file that they want to. To add to this, the drop-down options that are just next to the search bar allow the users to let them specifically look for subtitles, images, torrents, and videos, etc.

All of the torrent sites are displayed properly, fulfilling the goal of the site to act as a web browser, along with the user interface of each torrent site that is separated by tabs. This feature has been the center of a lot of heated debates as many users think that it’s a good thing while others think of it as something problematic. 

Apart from this, the search bar here is pretty decent as it displays suggestions as soon as a user types a query. On top of this, there is also the option of logging in with your Google account or creating a new one to bookmark your favorites. 

In a nutshell, it is a simple yet effective option for users, which is why it is considered one of the best torrent search engines. 

3. Torrentz2

At number 3, we have the infamous Torrentz2. The torrentz2 search engine, also known as a high-profile alternative to the beloved torrents which went offline. It is clearly stated on the platform that it is a clone or replacement of the latter platform. 

This bit torrent search website recently got featured in the alternatives of KAT and TPB on plenty of other websites as well. The latest version of this platform has the same interface and is also available in an onion version for the users who want to access the website with the use of the TOR browser.

This in turn makes it easier to access the website, irrespective of the status of the websites’ servers. The platform is home to over 61 million torrents which are sourced from 90+ different torrent sites.

4. Toorgle

Google, I mean Toorgle is pretty much inspired by the latter and is ranked among some of the best utorrent search engines in the world. Similar to torrentz2, it also has only a search bar on the homepage. Once you search for the files with the use of this torrent browser, you can also use filters such as date and relevance to sort the results. 

Although the platform may look a bit outdated at first, this is also what makes it stand out as this makes it easier for this torrent giant to load on slower connections. Crawling more than 450 torrent sites, making it easier for the user to access the content that they are looking for. 

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5. Torrent Seeker

As we are past the halfway mark, number 5 is one of the only websites on the list that uses Google custom search to go through more than 100 torrent sites. As per the claims, the database is updated regularly that includes popular torrents, proxy sites, with niche and language-specific sources to enhance the user experience. 

The user interface makes the search part easier than it looks. But the sad part is that the captivating look and layout are limited to the homepage only. The results page may seem like a step down to many users. 

All things considered, it does what it was made for, which is to find the torrents that users want. Similar to Toorgle, users can also sort the results via date and relevance. 

6. Snowfl

Similar to all the other websites mentioned here, it is also a torrent search engine that goes through tons of public torrent indexes when a user searches for something on here. The best part about this place is the dark mode option along with a minimal interface which is a treat for sore eyes. 

Files from different torrent downloaders such as RARBG, Pirate Bay, etc. are available here in a pretty organized manner. There are little to no ads on here which makes the user experience that much better. 

Simply click on the blue links to download the files in one go safely. To top all this, there is also an onion link available to make sure that users who browse via TOR Browser can access it easily too. 

7. Xtorx

If you are a movie buff and looking to find the perfect torrent, this is your go-to website. This website, similar to all others on the list, also features only a search bar on the homepage. The search results for torrent files load extremely quickly, but the sad news is that there is no way to filter the search results. 

But users can cope up with that as the platform offers search URLs for other torrent sites as well, meaning that clicking on any of the search results will lead to opening a new search on another torrent site. 

8. Veoble 

The final site on our list comes with a black-color theme and is ranked among some of the most powerful torrent search engine sites available on the internet. The major popularity is due to its theme, which we mentioned only a couple of lines above. But watch out as the website is not an HTTPS website. It also offers image search options to the users. 

Although it is a plain Google image search, it makes up for a nice addition to the site. 

That’s it. These are some of the best websites that act as torrent search engines and can be used to access the torrent files that the users want without breaking a sweat. 

You can also browse the internet in case you think the sites mentioned above are not good enough for you.

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