Comprehensive Guide of Kisscartoon and Its Alternatives

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We all grow and raise differently but one thing that connects our childhood is cartoons. Every person on this planet must have seen the cartoons on television in their childhood. We spend countless hours in front of the TV watching different toons and characters. Even after being grown-up, a scene from a cartoon takes us back to memory lane. 

Besides cartoons, anime is also popular in the initiating years, and many of us remember the scene from our favorite cartoon or anime series. Well, if you are one such person who loves toons and cartoon movies and series, you are probably familiar with the Kiss cartoon website. 

If you are not aware of this name, let us tell you Kiss cartoon is a wonderful site, which provides easy access for individuals to watch multiple animation series without spending a penny. This platform, allows you to watch movies from any genre even without registering. Moreover, the list of features will defiantly cover your whole arm, but the feature of location provides interest-based and local programs. 

The Kiscartoon has all huge libraries of toons and anime, you name it and you have it, that’s the beauty of Kiss cartoons website. Even the underrated and unpopular shows and movies were available on this platform that makes it a popular and successful website among toon lovers. The content available on this platform is unmatched and no other website is able to give competition to this giant, however, some manage to touch the top and give a tough fight, which will discuss beneath the section of this blog. 

What Is Kiss Cartoon?

Kiss cartoon is a popular streaming website, you can watch countless toon and cartoon shows and movies free of cost at high-quality definition quality. It is managed by the KissAnime network and effortlessly navigable, has a wide range of cartoons, movies, and anime from every corner of the world. 

Kisscartoon and Its Clone Sites

This website got fame in a short span of time, due to its incredible features and quality content. However, being the loved website for toon and cartoons lovers, netizens started making the clone of the original website. This is considered as the fastest way to make money and get the users and audience, by using the name of Kisscartoon. Many people get fooled by this but the authentic fans could easily spot the difference between a clone and an original website. However, few clone websites started spreading viruses and other malware. 

What’s Wrong with KissCartoon?

Sadly, Kisscartoon’s website was shut down for users’ reasons are plenty, spam, and viruses via duplicate sites. But in 2017, it was shut down by the DMCA due to copyright issues. However, this was the hardest pill to swallow for Kisscartoon lovers, the quality of content they got from this platform was unmatched. 

Best Kisscartoon Alternatives

There is nothing painful than to lose someone you love, after the shutdown of KissCartoon, the condition of cartoon lovers is not hard to understand, but if one door shut others will open. However, no website can match the supremacy of Kisscartoon for tv shows but there are other sites like kiss cartoon available on the web and consider as the best alternative of Kisscartoon.

Talking about the best alternative to Kisscartoon, is at the top. You get the vibes of the original website with the name, it has a huge library of fresh and antique content. The site keeps you engaged indefinitely that including The Simpsons’, Justice League, The Jetsons, Haikyuu, Transformers series, and the list is long. The reason for its popularity is its effortlessly navigable interface.  In short, KissCartoon is a place where you can watch your favorite series at your ease without spending a single penny. 

It has a long list of features such as endless options, High-quality content, an In-built video player, compatibility with all platforms, and more. 


A die-hard fan of toons will find the best places to get their favorite shows and movies, well, KissAnime is one such place, that you need to visit. This site is loaded with rich content such as Spirited away, Weathering with you, Naruto series, and others.  

The interface of this site is user-friendly even a novice one can use and watch the movies from this platform. Moreover, every content you watch is free, you don’t need to spend a penny on it. Subtitles and downloaded content make it a valuable place for toon lovers. Visit the site and experience your lovable shows with the inbuilt player in HD quality from the biggest content library. 


AnimeToon is another alternative with incredible features. It is quite the same as Kisscartoon and you can watch movies or shows from the various categories. Moreover, you can watch the latest episodes of running shows on this site. It has several categories such as Dubbed Anime, Cartoon Series, Movie List, Popular Series, Daily Episodes, and Home. It has more than 800000 monthly visitors that tell the popularity of this site among toon lovers, even you don’t need to create an account on it to watch the movies and shows.  


WatchCartoonOnline is one of those sites which has exceptionally easy to use and explicitly gives a family environment. The available content on this site ranges from old to new. It has a huge library of movies and shows that you can watch without spending a single penny. The interface is quite clear which makes your browsing easy and plain. The site update content at a regular interval, so you can rely on this site for the latest and updated toon content. 


Crunchyroll is probably the best site among existing Kissanime cartoon alternatives. This site is a hotspot for all toon lovers and thusly, an absolute visit. It has a good library of toon content with a simple-to-use interface and high-quality videos to stream. The site updated its content at regular intervals

You can watch shows free of charge. However, this site has a section that is dedicated to Manga fans, if you are one of them, do visit the site and enjoy your loved shows. All and all, a perfect place for toon geeks and a decent alternative to Kisscartoon. 

Cartoon Network

This is the place where every kid’s show and anime took birth and stands as one of the first and original ones of the field. Cartoon Network has been an integral part of everybody’s childhood and still stands as one of the extremely popular networks for toon lovers from all over the globe.

The Cartoon Network gives its access to the amplest animation series from sites as well as from TV also. The site is easy to understand and it is the place where the children can float through to get their favorite content effortlessly.


Your hunt will end with this incredible and striking alternative if you are searching for the most ideal option of Kisscartoo. A perfect place for users who wants to watch movies in dubbed and subbed versions. 

The library of this site has a wide range of toons and anime which one might be searching for. A site is a trending option in nations like Canada, Australia, the UK, the USA, and so forth. It has over 11.5 million monthly users.


9Anime is a site that takes care of users’ needs and recommends movies that they might prefer to watch. The suggestions depend on the user’s choices of what they snap to see or watch, stream online on the webpage. It might advise the users about the substance which they have not seen. 

Its simple interface makes it easy to use and it has an extended list of the toon shows and amines to pick from. The site keeps itself updated at a regular interval. It allows users to go through different categories and types of anime and toons which is uncommon to see.

The best thing about this site is, you get the content of your choice. You can go anytime from anywhere to watch your shows and movies on it, you won’t get blocked. 

Finding movies on is a cakewalk, and the interface is simple. It has more than 14.5 million monthly users, which displays the popularity of this Kisscartoon alternative. 

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It is one of the small bunches of anime and cartoon sites that offer HD and HQ content for content such as anime shows, and movies to anime lovers. The UI is exceptionally simple and pretty organized. Its design is extremely perfect or you can browse the content of your choice. 

You get the recommendation of toon movies that are high in rating on the internet. It has various categories of latest to old cartoon movies.  


Toonova is another best alternative to KissCartoon that has a spotless interface and brilliant user experience. Users can utilize this animation streaming site with no problem.

The second you click the show’s name, you’ll be moved to the page where you will see the review of the series, ratings, when it debuted, completed, and about Genre. It is an old animation streaming site where released scenes are updated regularly. So, you can rely on this site for the latest and updated episodes of shows. 

Best Proxy and Mirror Websites Of Kiss Cartoon

Although Kisscartoon is not alive, you can find alternatives that give the same experience. However, if you want to visit the proxy and mirror website of Kisscartoon, we have given the links that you can use with a VPN. 

Kiss Cartoon – Is it Legal?

The fact is, Kisscartoon was illegal and it was shut down by DMCA, but the mirror sites or sites with the same name still exist. These duplicate website with almost the same domain, give the feeling of the original website, but, it contains content that is illegal to watch and fall under copyright laws. 

How to Download from Kiss Cartoon?

The original website is banned and almost shut down in several nations, but if you encounter any of the mirror sites and desired to download the movies from the site, here are the steps you can follow to download videos from the Kiss cartoon sites. You must be confused; how can someone download the content from the website that is shut? The answer is, most of the Kisscartoon con sites has the same interface and design as Kisscartoon, so follow the underneath steps;

First of all, visit the homepage of the site, and click on Something and wait till it loaded. 

Now, you will be able to watch a cartoon or anime show on the platform, but you need to avoid clicking on the spam links during your visit.

After ensuring your ownership and you can start the download process. 

You can use the video downloader tools and apps to save video into your device, all you need to copy the URL of the show and paste it into the downloader tool. Most likely as a YouTube downloader. 

Now choose the video quality and click on download. You need to have a good and fast internet connection for better quality videos.  

Above you need to follow while downloading the video from the Kisscartoon or its mirror sites. Sites like Kisscartoon are an emotion for toon lovers, they spend their childhood watching quality content free of cost in the early ear of the internet where nothing was free. 


No doubts Kisscartoon is the favorite name for any toon and cartoon lover, as many children and people even in their adulthood love watching cartoons as it brings joy and comfort, which is quite unlike. These were the top 10 alternatives of Kisscartoon where you can watch everything you loved and can experience the toon world.