Bit/ly/Windowstx – Authentic Way to Activate Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7


Microsoft Windows is the foremost operating system we use on our computers or laptops, from Windows 98 to Windows 10, we all got addicted to this operating system. Over 1.5 billion active users are saying a lot about its popularity. There is another operating system available as well such as MacOS but Windows is more user-friendly and manages to connect with global users. 

To work perfectly with the Windows operating system, you need to update it on a regular basis, whether you are using the older version or the latest version of the Windows OS. Microsoft drops the updates at regular intervals so that Windows users use all the features and benefits. However, not all the users are technically sound so they miss out on the updates and face issues while using the MS operating system. The smooth functioning of the Windows required the installation and activation via a license key, without updating users might face underneath issues;  

• Activate Windows watermark at the button right of your desktop screen.

• Incapable of personalizing your laptop/PC.

• Premium features will not work appropriately.

• Uncommon problems if it is running for a long time without Activation/Updation.

• Activation notification pops up on regular intervals.

License keys might be costly, that’s why users seek free ways to activate their Windows, if you are one of them, we have described the Bit/ly/windowstx way thoroughly to activate every version of Windows. Stick to the post and observe the complete process of activating Windows versions like 10, 8.1, 8, or 7 windows 10 activator txt. 

What Is Bit.Ly/Windowstxt Activator? is the simplest yet effective method of activating Windows 10 or another version of Microsoft Windows. With this, you can activate these Windows on a permanent basis. Hence, activation issues and problems connected to activation won’t occur in the future. 

Perks of Activator

With the activator method, you don’t need to use the product or license key to activate the Windows and you don’t need to buy or purchase from the official sites or stores. This method doesn’t require a single penny to spend, all you need to do is follow the process given underneath the section of the post. Moreover, you don’t need to be concerned about the legality of the process, it is totally legal and after activating Windows with this, you can use it freely without facing issues. 

How to Activate Windows via Bit.Ly/Windowstxt Activator? 

Activating the Windows via bitly windowstxt is a cakewalk process and you will get to know after reading the underneath steps; but before starting the process, there are a few things you need to take care of that is given below;

Turn-Off Windows Defender Antivirus

Windows real-time security protection is one of the amazing features that safeguard users from unknown threats. But, every now and then, it causes issues and restricts the functioning of the applications as it counts them as threats. So, you need to disable the Windows Defender antivirus program for successful activation of Windows using the In case, you don’t know how to disable the Windows defender program follow the underneath steps;

  • First open the Windows Settings
  • Now click on the Update and Security option and browse ‘Virus and Threat Protection.’ 
  • Next open the antivirus and choose the real-time protection option and switch to turn it off on a temporary basis 
  • Now, you’re all set to start the process. 
  • Process of Activating Windows 10 Using Bit.Ly/Windows10txt 
  • At first, open the web browser on your device
  • Now type the in the address bar and press the Enter button, or click on the link 
  • Next, copy the code from the code and select code from the link. Also, you can download the code
  • Now, paste it into the Notepad file on your computer and, click on the ‘Start’ button and choose the ‘Notepad’ option from the Windows menu.
  • Next a notepad file will open paste the copied text/code using ‘Ctrl + V’ shortcut keys,
  • Next, save the notepad file by giving the name ‘Windows.bat.’ However, If your Windows version is older than Windows 10, consider saving the file name as ‘Windows.cmd’ instead of ‘Windows.bat.
  • Now choose ‘Text Documents (*.txt)’ in the ‘Save as type’ option and, simply hit the ‘Save’ button. you’ll see a Windows text file on your desktop.
  • Next, you’ve to click right on the saved Windows10text file to select the ‘Run as Administrator option from the menu.
  • Now wait till you receive a message stating Windows10 has been successfully activated.

Now you are done with the process and Windows is activated, you need to turn on the Windows defender program so that it will defend your device from unknown threats. 

Verify the Windows Activation Status 

After completing the activation process, you need to verify the status in different versions of Windows to do so, follow the underneath steps;

Verify using the Command Prompt

  • At first, open the command prompt using the Windows + R button and enter the slmgr /xpr” command, and hit the enter button 
  • Now a prompt will be displayed on your Windows screen that will confirm the status of your Windows. 
  • After that click the ‘OK’ option, and you are done!

How to Verify Activation in Windows 10?

  • In Windows 10 you have to launch the ‘Settings’ app.
  • Find the ‘Update and Security option and click on it.
  • Now below the update and security window, click on the ‘Activation’ option placed on the left side of the screen.
  • Next a new window will pop up to inform you about the activation status of your Windows 10 PC.

How to Verify Windows Activation Status in 8.1 Version?

To verify the Windows 8.1 activation status, open your PC’s ‘Settings.’

Now you have to look on the left side of the screen and find the ‘Activate Windows’ option, it will show the status of whether your Windows 8.1 is activated or not.

How to Verify Activation in Windows 8?

  • For verifying the status of Windows 8 activation, you need to hit the ‘Windows + Pause’ keys together. This will open the ‘System Properties’ window from the Control Panel settings.
  • Now, from the System Properties window, you can easily see your Windows 8 activation status whether it is activated or not. 

How to Verify If Windows 7 Is Activated or Not

  • To check the activation status in Windows 7 start with clicking on the Windows Start button
  • Now from the Windows menu, now right-click on the Computer 
  • A menu will open after that click on the Properties 
  • After that system properties windows will be expanded, from there find the Windows Activation section placed at the bottom of the Window. Now click on the same to check and verify the activation status


These are the steps and methods that help activate the Windows versions such as 10, 8.1, 8, and 7. Bit.Ly/Windowstxt Activator is the free method that permanently activates Windows without paying a single penny.